The requirements to serve in this ministry: you must be born again, completing membership class 101 and workers-in-training class. Come and join us there is a ministry for you or you can start one that you are passionate about.

Womens – Esther’s

“The Good Women” Esther’s is the women’s ministry in Jesus House NY. The word ‘Esther’ means “Star” and the name of the ministry was derived

The Army Of The Cross

The Vision of the Evangelism Department is to see that every individual member of Jesus House NY develop a compassion and has a burden for

Follow Up

This department is responsible for following-up on visitors who attend the church service for the first time and may wish to return. We provide information


iCare is a ministry that focuses on improving our social responsibility by getting involved in charity work in our community and elsewhere. We support other

The Angel Network

The Angel Network [under iCare] is designed to ensure that members receive adequate support and encouragement, particularly during moments of difficulty. The network is dependent

Ruth Square [RS]

This ministry [under iCare] is charged in addressing the needs of our elderly. The vision is to reach out to the older and the often

Life – Walk

This is a 2 or 3 miles health and fitness walk organized to promote the health and physical wellness of members, and maybe raise funds

Children First Ministry [CFM]

Children First Ministry is a proactive ministry held during the services every Sunday where our young ones come First. The goal is to equip this

TM4v12 [Teenagers]

Pronounced 1Tim 4 v12, this is an arm of the Youth Ministry dedicated to making the Gospel relevant to teenagers between the ages of 14

Young Adult Fellowship [YAF]

Age Group: 21 – 28 years The Ministry is determined to empower 20 some-things to refuse to see their lives apart from Christ and to

Garment of Praise GOP

Garment of Praise as we are often called, is Jesus House’s music ministry, made up of the main church choir and instrumentalists. We are a

Jesus House Academy

Jesus House Academy AKA School of Success School of Music; School of Business; School of Dance Our Mission is the teaching arm of the Church,

Business Development Ministry [BDM]

We mean business! Kingdom Treasurers is a ministry designed to enable entrepreneurs in Jesus House to use their God-given gifts to advance His Kingdom by

School of Drama and Dance

The aim of this ministry is to use dance as a tool for worship and exaltation. We are passionate about promoting the gospel using various