Business Development Ministry [BDM]

We mean business! Kingdom Treasurers is a ministry designed to enable entrepreneurs in Jesus House to use their God-given gifts to advance His Kingdom by applying the practical tools provided in the Bible.

In order to see the kingdom of God flourish and bear fruit, Kingdom Treasurers seek avenues to provide entrepreneurs with relevant tools, skills, knowledge, assistance and support, including Mentoring, Coaching and a Skills Database.

What drives Kingdom Treasurers? We are passionate about helping people realize their call to business! However, we are not interested in how business is conducted in the world economy, but the one conducted in God’s economy.

We strongly believe that all businesses should have the right foundation based on Biblical principles. Once we tap into these principles and begin to operate in them; we never have to worry about the world economy having a negative impact on our businesses because we are operating within God’s economy.

Jesus House NY has a ‘Business Directory’ where you can submit your business details via the online form. Please click the image below for the directory. WE SUPPORT OUR OWN FIRST.

Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Have you ever observed a need that you longed to meet, but you didn’t have the finances to help? Do you yearn to sow freely into the needs of the ministry? Do you want more out of life for you and your family? If so, you need the School of Success!

Even though you are to “owe no man any thing, but to love [him]” (Rom. 13 v8), having no increase renders you useless to the kingdom of God. By the same token, you can experience financial increase, but existing debt can just as easily hinder you from kingdom advancement. School of Success is a course designed to teach you how to fulfill your God-given destiny—to be a blessing to others and by being His distribution center. Whether you are financially comfortable or head over heels in debt, you need this course! You will learn:

• Why God wants you rich
• How to use biblical principles to make natural principles work on your behalf
• The keys to debt reduction
• How to increase for kingdom advancement
• The automatic systems for financial freedom